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My blog is like a memory box filled with digital string and glitter. I like fandom, fashion, art, mopey music, and fuzzy animals. I'm prone to spells of ranting, and every now again I'll drop a selfie or something from my sketchbook. I'm always looking to expand my point of view. If something I post bothers you, bring it to my attention and I'll change up my tagging system. Tumbl forth!
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251/365 - Bisexuwhale

Celebrate Bi Pride! Available as t-shirts, throw pillows, and more on my redbubble. :)

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"I Want A Cartoony Art Style but at the Same Time I Want A Realistic Style" - a song by me featuring fall out boy

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My banner for the Dean/Cas Big Bang on Livejournal for the post “Posting begins tomorrow”. Enjoy ♥


"I suggested that we meet under a…"

The Enemy of the World - season 05 - 1967

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imagine if this popped up every time a journalist wrote about a trans person

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Claire Sinclair

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My artwork “Metabolism” express “Sun, Plants, Water, and Ground” and also “Sleeping, Waking, Awakening, and Death”

→minori interview—


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remember when spongebob met the arctic monkeys

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This bit from “Turnabout Intruder” was the final scene shot for Star Trek. If NBC had taken the option to film two more episodes, the twenty-sixth would have been directed by William Shatner. Instead, the crew was actually dismantling sets that weren’t being used while the last episode was filming.